Monday, 30 May 2011

I am tired of...

watching non 3-D movies in 3-D with those absolutely ridiculously dark heavy glasses. Why??? There is not even a single 3-D effect in the movie but still...takes the fun out of the movies...

Funny sh&t of the day:

Saarrr...main na F ko F bolta hoon :) hahahahaha


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

NBA finals-

i used to get up early in undergrad to watch NBA finals 8 years back...i used to support Indiana Pacers and Seattle Sonics (Reggie Miller and Shawn Kemp respectively)

dont know why though...i dont play the sport, i dont understand why the refree stops the game very 10 seconds and most importantly how come these players never get injured? most sports with any amount of physicality sees injury but basketball sees the least!

i was watching a game on tv the other day and i think i dont any of the players anymore...i have a strong feeling, i will go back to watching this sport more often...coz as they say it, when good things start happening, you start doing same things all over again...


You just know it...

when you spot someone who behaves so much like another person you know...

so i came across someone very recently, not a conincidence but mannnn! she is so similar to this all time number 1 player i know. and her name is even more resonating of someone similar...and her bday is twice reminiscent of same person. Spooky!

Same dialogues, same style, same play and yeah ... same game! Someone is gonna get hurt real bad...haha not u, not me...but someone!


Saturday, 30 April 2011

Funny sh%t-

This was the first hindi movie which i saw which had the protagonist die in the end...i remember being so impressed with the whole idea.


Saturday, 23 April 2011

The golden days...
WI beats Australia in 1999 Barbados. King of Kings: Brian Lara scored 153*

I had never enjoyed cricket so much after the legendary Lara, Ambrose retired i.e. uptill now. I watched the final between India and Sri Lanka in Mumbai from the Wankhede Stadium. Truely fantastic, I dont think I have ever felt more proud of India than this.

I still however would like to go to West Indies once and watch a cricket match live in Barbados / Trindad ground. I think if nothing else, it would just remind of the golden days when I was in Chandigarh, doing nothing, sleeping, drinking, eating, getting pampered and last but not the least watching WI matches.


Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Yeh waise Poll hona chahiye- many of my friends who have passed out of IIM say ki they will marry women not from an IIM. And to their credit they did follow their own theory, so what if they had sex with some IIM women, or their friends or the kaam waali. They at the end did marry a non IIM girl. Reason: They think "IIM ki ladkiyan yaar, agenda based hoti hain...unko pyar nahin aata karna. Manipulative hoti hain badhi" As much as the hypothesis and reasoning has merit based on sample sets, i am kind of surprised that some really good women (no i dont mean the ugly loser category, i mean the really stud types) still buy this theory and accept the IIM guy's funda. Whose agenda is getting completed here? I have never been able to understand. My esteemed friend once said all these theories come down to just sex ratio. Since Women are lower in number, men keep feeling ki unki maari ja rahi hai and they are getting raw end of the deal. Yeh to contra-logical ho gaya. In actual shouldn't the minority be the oppressed and not the oppressor? I think, I belong to the category of open trading system model except keeping the hedgies (one in hand, one in bush) out. It is the hedgies that being so prevalent in IIM which have completely terrified the guys in IIM.


What to do and what not to do-

Time for displaying extreme mental stability and poise but it doesnt show passion. Time to show extreme passion and that you believe in urself but then it comes across rude and overconfident. Time to show you are polite but confident, in the assured calm usual self manner but it comes across "fruity". Hona kuch nahin hai itna sochne se...I have realised over the period of last 2 years, my medicine to find a solution is 100% effective - just keep ur mouth shut for 2-3 days. And shut maane to shut...u cant speak even a word. It has brought me trouble but i think advantages are far greater than the little trouble it will cause. Agar Mrs Malhotra saath mein abhi to chup rehna allowed hi nahin hota! So that part is solved. Baaki bacha kal ka match- hmmm- i think i will say some maa behen ki gaaliyan abhi and some after the match (my usual drunk state natak) to avoid breaking my silence code. Solved. MA

Sunday, 20 March 2011

What is an adrenaline junkie-

It is someone who looks for an adrenaline rush to divert one's mind from the underlying cause of low adrenaline. Twilight 2.
Bungie? na. Live Abelone? na. Crack? may be. Casual sex? definite yes!
Which reminds me i freaked out some "kids" yesterday with my new casual comments about this topic. As i have always wondered, why do ppl get so freaked about it specially when they have been in relationships for super long, have they been fkking praying together??? Idiots.
Which then means, i am a hypocrite.
Which then means, i am discounting basic parameter of choosing partners.
Which then means, i am doomed.
Which then means i need an adrenaline rush.
hump my sharona!


Saturday, 26 February 2011


and by that I mean everyone does think alike... even pimps and whores...pretty insightful i must say...but now that i actually am not drunk for a change, when was this "insight" of mine ever in doubt!

Indian team is looking solid...i have a bet on with my team that if India makes it to the semifinal, I will take them out for unlimited drinks...somehow this keeps getting construed as I want them to lose in semis..why? how? deductive logic? bad DI? <90 br="" cat="" in="" issue="" s="" the="" what="">To clarify: it just means I am a true fan of India who will get happy if they make semis and hence take ppl out. I will get EVEN happier if they win and reach finals, whr if u ask me again, I will AGAIN take you guys out and if we win the final, I will AGAIN yet do it! what's the issue ;)


Saturday, 12 February 2011

Castaway vs 127?

Both are super drag movies made purely for guys to get nominated for best actor academy awards and not win it...


Thursday, 10 February 2011

Ms. I don't bat an eyelid!

So...I finally found someone who is a true player... the king of kings (NO, this is not the same as our dear correlation trader). I think I am close conceeding defeat to this one... truely baffling to see 3 things:
how evolved a player can get!
how the style is so much more stable, consistent and un-penetrable (reminds me of the reverse condom advert)
how easily the tables get turned when you underestimate the player

BUT remember buddy, I shall be back smarter, stronger and definitely more incisive!!!


Sunday, 6 February 2011

An unbelievable comeback-

I am rather surprised seeing how well some ppl are able to cope with some situations which would have left me rather flat on my face for quite some time...self-doubt is actually a big word...

Met some ppl whom i last saw during 11th-12th mania time in chd. I truely think the key to do well in any competitive landscape is to start by competing with ppl 1 notch below urself and first getting those 2-3 confidence boosting victories to start on a high when you actually start facing ur own league. Atleast that is what i did right in 10th and 4th year and did wrong in 11th-12th and MS.


Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Thr is something similar...

abt Rahul Bose and Farhan Akhtar. Both are found interesting and intelligent by most women.

I finally started reading Inheritance of a Loss...i bought this book in 2006 for reading on the flight to HK in May when I was joining BNP. It is not so bad actually...seems to be a little long winded but then since when has that been a deterrent for Indian authors.


Sunday, 30 January 2011

Why does no one like...

Deepika Padukone? seriously...what is wrong with her? everytime someone hears me saying i like her, i get a standard response - "she is so dumb ..maaaaan" opposed to the other bournvita quiz winners we have in this field?
i think she manages pretty well to look yummy on screen and does fairly high % of entertaining movies as compared to non-entertaining ones...i really dont care if she is not able to tell me all the mammal names starting from Z backwards to A (another question i was asked recently...the guy probably saw the movie phenonomenon whr travolta uncle does this in case anyone gets curious on answer, watch the sequence).


Food for thought-

My boss sent an email around asking why are long end Peru bonds cheaper than brazil and much so than indonesia... so i thot...

why do couples fight...only 2 reasons...either to brk up or to have hot make up sex...but then why do long distance couples fight...either to brk up sex possible...why not just not fight in long distance and conceed a point easily...stay peaceful and conceed a point...that 1 hr conversation/chat can easily be managed...but then why do couples which stay together not just do that...idea is to not conceed a point and keep staying together and keep solution is?

EM funds have greater allocation to indonesia > brazil > peru hence the price action is more severe in that order i.e. tighter spread...

random? thr will be blood and no country for old men got best motion picture academy... mine should deserve a nobel...


Saturday, 29 January 2011


perfumes...thr was a myth that if you gift perfumes to your friends, you end up fighting with them. rubbish!

reminds me of three Us...urgh, uff and uaan
reminds me of two Gs...grrr, guhahaha
reminds me of one W...waayyy


It is a zoo out here-

fed some monkeys, cats, dogs and some bored...

did anyone see the new india wc cricket worldcup adverts? original...very gud...


Thursday, 27 January 2011


The word expendible: means if you dont turn up to a party (which you are invited to) and noone asks whr you are if you dont turn up.

Powerful word. Learnt it...and figure it out buddy: )

Thr goes the fucking (why do ppk use f%%king ... why cant they just write fucking... is it banned reported as abuse?) nadal slam...i saved precisely 61k INR on seeing that 6-0, 6-0, 6-1


Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Time to kick some lazy retards-

woman power in hk speaks...4 wives tell their pot bellied under fit men that this sunday they will be going a trek, Grp led by Mayut and Lulu. Hahaha prrrrrrrrrrr phati kisi ki...
Common guys toughen is 2.5 hour stroll lined with pret sandwiches every 45 minutes. last 1 hours is walking down in a park.

this seems to be a major "inflection" point as per my boss in determining whether we will be doing more such stuff in hk or not. any suggestions to make it more picnici? (only within limits).

for the first time in 6 months, this got me excited, i think it can breed future 100km oxfam racers from within this pool.


New Trend and actually a very cool one-

People are seen increasingly happy on their wedding days!!! i recently attended 1 (my highlight of the last year) and went for a bachelors' of another friend.

The guy and the bride looked extremely relaxed, were smiling and looked like they were looking fwd to the life about to come. This was in such a stark contrast to my last Indian wedding 6 years back (yup...that is right). The bride was pretending to be this over shy and sensitive girl and guy looked hassled and so not wanting to be there with his "i can't dance in barrat", "don't put money to band baaja guys" and "alcohol na na na not in baraat" (you motherf%% alcoholic abusive son of a bi%ch).

The groom was in a comfortable grey suit and as eager to get off this ghodi and dance with us guys as we were. He wanted to do his basketball step (courtesy another long lost friend of his) but alcohol didn't permit him much. He was obviously giving "puchis" to all the loved ones. Puchi = wet slobbering alcohol smelling kiss on ur cheek. he would appear from no where to land one on u! we did Pheris while he was dancing i.e. friend has to take a 100rs note and dance with him and then give money to someone. I somehow sucked at this, i either would drop the note or someone else just rip it out of my hand. I think the groom is a big stud....he has been a big convincing long for me since iim. finally he will be monetized.
Wedding was fun and seeing the guy and girl was even more fun.
Next blog shall have details about the GRAND BACHELORS' that had happened prior to all these. beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep censored!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Jake Gyllenhall-

Cum on what he did a gay role in brokeback mountain. u can't label him one for the rest of his life. (yes ..yes i know he played the bitch in it and not the butch as if that would have pacified you hatens). he is now here to redeem himself with the movie Love and the other drugs. I personally liked the movie specially watching it with a cute kudi who was acting shy, clueless what is happening and irritated on why I am laughing so much everytime the doctor feels Ann Hathaway's boobs! Movie has some of the most graphic scenes without showing the proverbial "V snatch" or the guy's "mojo machine". But otherwise it has all, positions, clothes getting torn up, remorseless cool sex and most importantly my fav theme "hunter gets hunted". Bataya hai laundon ko ki ishq mein andhe mat ho...but nahin....KSML.

i think a definite checkout of the movie is a must, paise wasool!

Should this be instituionalised in India?

so what i have heard happens at US weddings in the best man or closest friends of the groom sleep around with the bride's maid and her close friends...1) are such things happening in india 2) is it implicit something will happen 3) who initiates?

very pertinent questions - need to know before i attend this indian wedding (mine after 6 years but just had 2 in quick succession)


Saturday, 8 January 2011

Which is worse-

Someone telling you they dont miss you or Someone telling you that they dont want to be missed by you?