Saturday, 26 February 2011


and by that I mean everyone does think alike... even pimps and whores...pretty insightful i must say...but now that i actually am not drunk for a change, when was this "insight" of mine ever in doubt!

Indian team is looking solid...i have a bet on with my team that if India makes it to the semifinal, I will take them out for unlimited drinks...somehow this keeps getting construed as I want them to lose in semis..why? how? deductive logic? bad DI? <90 br="" cat="" in="" issue="" s="" the="" what="">To clarify: it just means I am a true fan of India who will get happy if they make semis and hence take ppl out. I will get EVEN happier if they win and reach finals, whr if u ask me again, I will AGAIN take you guys out and if we win the final, I will AGAIN yet do it! what's the issue ;)


Saturday, 12 February 2011

Castaway vs 127?

Both are super drag movies made purely for guys to get nominated for best actor academy awards and not win it...


Thursday, 10 February 2011

Ms. I don't bat an eyelid!

So...I finally found someone who is a true player... the king of kings (NO, this is not the same as our dear correlation trader). I think I am close conceeding defeat to this one... truely baffling to see 3 things:
how evolved a player can get!
how the style is so much more stable, consistent and un-penetrable (reminds me of the reverse condom advert)
how easily the tables get turned when you underestimate the player

BUT remember buddy, I shall be back smarter, stronger and definitely more incisive!!!


Sunday, 6 February 2011

An unbelievable comeback-

I am rather surprised seeing how well some ppl are able to cope with some situations which would have left me rather flat on my face for quite some time...self-doubt is actually a big word...

Met some ppl whom i last saw during 11th-12th mania time in chd. I truely think the key to do well in any competitive landscape is to start by competing with ppl 1 notch below urself and first getting those 2-3 confidence boosting victories to start on a high when you actually start facing ur own league. Atleast that is what i did right in 10th and 4th year and did wrong in 11th-12th and MS.


Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Thr is something similar...

abt Rahul Bose and Farhan Akhtar. Both are found interesting and intelligent by most women.

I finally started reading Inheritance of a Loss...i bought this book in 2006 for reading on the flight to HK in May when I was joining BNP. It is not so bad actually...seems to be a little long winded but then since when has that been a deterrent for Indian authors.