Thursday, 30 December 2010

I don't like travelling...

I have realised unlike most of the ppl i know, i am just not fond of travelling. this month has been probably the most no. of flights I have taken in 1 month. Started with Singapore, Cebu, Koh Samui and Delhi on each weekend.
It is just so incovenient in the time you spend on airports waiting for flights (without exception, all my flights were delayed going and coming). The commute time from airport to final destinations was even longer. The flights I had were even more bakwaas, no inflight entertainment except cebu whr i slept off ...grrr...
It takes way too much time to pack for nonsensical 1 day conferences and 1 day guest appearences. Even bigger problem is the big dump of laundry you gotta do post trip to get everything ready for next one.
I have this new found passion to shop...and by shop i mean put a big dent before each a kid i used to hate shopping but now suddenly i love it. I have frequent visitor card to probably most apparel stores. I get special status in queues because of the no. of polythene bags i am holding and how big my bill is. Most shopkeepers double check if I am indeed buying all that and there is a sale coming in case i want to wait. As much cool as it might sound (sounds gay to me, i gotta stop this sh^t), it is just too much wasteful expenditure.
Last but not the least problem with travelling is, parents crib about how come you can go to all these places but not visit home for a weekend. Good point...dont know the answer mom...i just cant make myself come (to home...!)
So now I have decided in the new year, despite constant badgering from people on how big a lazy bum I am, or how federer vs nadal might be awesome in Australia (hahahha 6-0, 6-0, 6-0 ain't sounding too awesome for federer), or how I need to do this leh ladakh trip...I am not gonna do anything. I am gonna sit on this big A@@ and watch movies and drink bacardi coke and read those pseudo intellectual grammatically over-correct books.