Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Arsenal - new season

So the new season is underway. Quite a slow start, i thought it would be exact opposite with couple of new players coming in. But the new players are proving to be pretty average except sanchez, he looks strong.

What is most striking is the number of injuries in just 10 matches so far in the season (out of a potential 50 plus). And yet again Wenger showed he is a genius or not. He thankfully only added to midfielders and not sold any. Ramsey, wilshere and arteta are gone for atleast 10 more games. I think 2 are blessing in disguise!

The best team for arsenal if everyone is fit is:
Scheszny- gk
Gibbs - lb
Mertesacker -cb
Kochielny -cb
Debuchy - lb
Ramsey - dm
Podolski - lf
Carzola - lm
Ozil - cm
Walcott - rf
Sanchez - cf

Now that debuchy is gone, obviously chambers replaces him.
Ramsey gets replaced by flamini
Walcott by Oxlade chamberlain

I think Chelsea is going to win the league this year comfortably with ManCity a distant 2nd. 3rd and 4th spots are open and though Arsenal might make it again in top 4, the distance from the winners keeps on increasing. They need to improve drastically on a few things-
1) Focal point striker - Giroud is replaced by Welbeck and I think both are muppets!
2) Why does Arsenal play more on right than on left? They need to make it more even
3) Set pieces - time and again I have mentioned this, they need a specialist free kick taker, corner taker. They just can't have dinkers lobbying the ball in the area with no bite /speed / accuracy on it!


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Age old saying-

A friend in need is a friend indeed. I always thought that's an overstatement and rather lame. But i was wrong. It was a revelation this time. I was amazed by how people have reacted to me in this last 1 year. Like in every situation, they can be also be divided in 4 groups-

1) People whom I thought are friends, whom I expected to support me and ended up doing so as well - I was rather surprised by the low number here

2) People whom I thought are friends, whom I expected to support me BUT ended up not doing so - no surprises, this number was very high

3) People whom I never thought will help me BUT did - supplies!!! this number was very high and so reaffirming that people are so good. I will forever be indebted to them

4) People whom I never thought will help me and they didn't bother either - expected i guess...you can't just go about helping any tom, dick or harry that walks up to you

Number 2) and 3) got me thinking that I have been so wrong on my read of certain people (and my reads are rarely wrong!). I have decided that from now on I will constantly evaluate or rather be cognizant about which people are actually falling in which category from above and make sure that I spend the most time (allotted for my "friends" time) with people falling in 1) and 3).
Number 2)s have been such a big waste of time and have made me look so stupid. And of course I pledge my irrevocable and unconditional support to 1) and 3) if at all they ever need me (I hope not and I really hope they have better people than losers like me in their corner).

P.S. a shout out to my favorite number 1) my mom...i doubt she reads my blog but probably one day, I will make her read it and hope she will at last be proud of me. She is a rockstar.


Monday, 22 September 2014

What is common between Aishwarya Rai and me?

Our friends and friends of friends and their friends seem to bother a bit too much regarding our weight or rather overweight!

Seriously! and this started 3 years back when I was probably much leaner and lighter, this one particular female would always first ask me about my weight before she even said hi, how are you or any other kind of pleasantries. No matter after how long we met, or if i just came back from a broken hand or straight from my grave - the question / reaction would be "woah...suno...kitne mote ho gaye ho aap bygawddd...kuch exercise kar liya karo"

Not that I feel bad but seriously...i mean...kya hi boloon ab main...hum kya chakhe hain!!?


Friday, 19 September 2014

About Alex and me-

"About Alex" is the latest Hollywood movie I saw and really liked. No coincidence that it is about stuff which I really care about, feel strongly about or have written about.

The movie is about this guy who tries to commit suicide and then later bails on it but calls upon his college friends to give him support. 5 friends (obviously with history with each other) reach his place and everyone reacts the way they know to without really realizing that almost all of that reactions are stemming from that past history. The movie hits upon themes of closet homosexuality, casual sex, immature relationships in college, abuse of prescription drugs, depression, fear of commitment, professional failure, jealousy apart from suicide and friendship which are obvious ones given the plot.

I could relate to pretty much everything (i know what you are thinking - barring that one!) in this movie and I kind of have gone through all this already in my life through one form or the other.

Casual Sex - I vehemently recommend it, it takes away all inhibition from life. It takes away your license to judge and liberates you from any high moral grounds that you may be subjected to. Coming from a small city like Chandigarh where exposure is low and the concept of sex is still very "you have to do it with the chosen one", I had all these bullsh%t fundas of sex being the most powerful force blah blah. Then I met someone who was exact opposite of me and I realized how constricting these fundas are!

Immature Relationships - well i am quite immature so all my relationships are by default immature too. But yeah college ones were definitely insanely childish and imbecilic. The obsession, the reactions, the drama, the tension, the pseudo "seriousness" - now that I think of was of utter nonsensical proportions.

Abuse of prescription drugs, depression - the less said about this, the better...i was asked to remove this part

Fear of commitment - everyone has it, who doesn't. Especially at young age, who wants to commit? rather who even knows what commitment is? As opposed to what women think, it is to keep options open, it is not. It is to keep a level of detachment, it is a means to keep a level of casualness to something which otherwise spirals into mind bending epic waste of time.

Professional Failure - hahaha...hahahhaa...this i am a champion of! OMG! Those people who have never gone through failure in job / career / studies can never understand the intensity of the feelings which emerge when you have sustained, continuous, never ending professional failure. And can never fathom what it does to one's psyche, one's confidence, one's perspective to life.

I am getting bored writing this post because it just brings back such useless memories which I have tried so hard to forget. Anyway this was a great movie, i will definitely watch it again sometime.


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

I luv Jet Airways-

Most striking feature about Jet Airways compared to any other airline is the fact that they have their entertainment system switched on right from the word go. One doesn't have to wait till safety belt signs are switched on, then off, then on again and then off, then safety instructions, then more bullsh%t and then even more bullsh%t.

You can just take your seat, switch on a movie and relax. Not only does it keep you occupied, atleast I seem to mind less the minor delays in boarding and taking off of the flight. I think Cathay should definitely take cue from it, they have some of the most idiotic entertainment systems, atleast in their older flights and routes.