Monday, 16 February 2015


People keep asking me why I hate feminism. I don't hate women and neither do I have a problem with them. But I do have a problem with anything which divides people and which eggs people on to fight against each other. Be at constant war against each other. That is what feminism is doing these days. It doesn't teach that women are equal, anymore. It teaches that women need to rule over men, they are superior to men and that all men are bad. What is the difference then in any fundamentalist religion and feminism?
FYI - I have an equal problem with chauvinism that say men are greater than women etc etc. Why is there a talk of inequality at all? Why not teach people to exist in peace and with love?


Sunday, 15 February 2015


Saw the movie "Imitation Game" and realized that some people are so lucky to live such extraordinary lives but the biggest tragedy is that they never realize it. Or may be they do but the people surrounding them make their achievements look trivial and make them look inconsequential. I can only hope that one day I will be given a chance to do something which will be remotely useful and may be, just may be important for someone rather than just existing and living my otherwise pathetic useless waste of a life!



Every time i visit Singapore, i come back with mixed feelings and a lot of anger. It is a great city, clean, no pollution, relaxed and without a doubt: a sense of chillness/ laziness about it which has "less productivity" written all over it (which i love btw).

I went on business so while meetings went well, everything non business was like always difficult and strange about this city. People are so different, they are just not normal. They seem to live in a cocoon and are oblivious to anything other than their lives. May be i am jealous of this and the fact that people are so happy while rest of us normal mortals are so miserable!