Friday, 28 February 2014

How to lose 350gm every week without exercise?

I have been battling weight issues for over 2 years now and the below things work 500% on any body type, any gender etc etc (unless you have hormonal issue - get a thyroid check in that case first).
These things must be done everyday without fail, in this particular order and without any change/substitute. Some things are non vegetarian so deal with it, i don't have an alternative as of now. Each ingredient has it's utility, google it up but don't skip any of it.

1) Morning get up - eat 50gm oat meal with 2 table spoon honey and 1 table spoon cinnamon made in skimmed milk just enough so that after cooking it in microwave for 2 minutes it has some left on side. No fruits and no sugar (not even artificial sweeteners)

2) After 1 hour of your oatmeal, drink 1 glass (275ml) of cranberry juice (fresh or canned, anything is fine as long as it doesn't have any artificial sweetener added

3) After 1 hour of that, take 4 egg whites, add as much tomato as you want, as much capsicum as you want, as much onion as you want, some pepper, minimalist salt and some chili (green or red or both) and eat it in any form you want. Omelette, half fry, full fry, sunny side up with no sun, doesn't matter. Only thing to note is, don't use oil to make it (not even olive oil, doesn't matter if it sticks to the pan, deal with it) and keep the salt to the extent just to take the egg smell/taste out of it. Cooking tip- remove the pulp of the tomato, it doesn't let the eggs cook well

4) After 2 hours, drink 1 glass (350ml - yes this is a bigger glass than the cranberry juice one, ikea sells both) of watermelon juice

5) After 1 hour of watermelon juice, take 300gm chicken breast (something you needed to have done in the morning while eating oat meal - marinate this chicken in 1 table spoon olive oil, some salt, some pepper, chilli, lemon juice, and any other herbs you can think of and zip lock it). Slow cook the chicken breast in a pan (or for that matter - fast cook it, or roast it or do whatever, doesn't matter) but make sure no oil (yes, not even olive oil). Keep the tomato ketchup handy in case you don't find it edible (in all honesty, it should be fairly decent and eatable)

6) After 1 hour of chicken breast, repeat step 4 i.e. drink watermelon juice 350ml

7) After 1 hour of watermelon juice, eat as many strawberries and blueberries as you want. Yes just those 2 berries, nothing else. Ok fine, eat 10 almonds and 2 walnuts. Poker tip: Jamie Gold won the main event in 2006 and he attributed it to purely to eating blueberries everyday. 2006 was the biggest prize money at ~12mm for the winner at WSOP than any other year which average ~8-9mm

8) After 3 hours, buy fish (300gm of salmon), marinate it same way as chicken but add some soy sauce and white wine this time and eat it. Also 2 broccoli (steamed/sauteed), 1 carrot (raw, steamed, cooked). 1 glass of red wine (no single malt / whisky or even white wine and of course no Bacardi coke etc etc). Hygiene tip: Keep a room freshener handy, broccoli causes flatulence and if you are married then you don't want to be sleeping on the couch , would you?!

9) After 2 hours, repeat step 3 i.e. eat eggs

10) After 1 hour, drink green tea and sleep (pu-erh to be precise, it apparently cuts fat, i doubt it, but even if it doesn't, the above eating schedule most definitely WILL)

2 side notes:
1) Drink 2.5 litres of water for every 70kg of body weight but not less than 2 litres even if you weigh really less like 50kg or something (why the fkk will you do this eating schedule then though???)
2) Every time you feel hungry apart from the times that a step from the above schedule is just about to come or pending, drink 1.5 glasses of water (the 275ml type). If even after that you feel hungry, curse god and note that this precise moment is the reason you are fat and proceed to eat 10 almonds. If hunger still doesn't subside, curse more and this time just eat a dam% chewing gum and wait for next step to happen, TOO BAD!


Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Read it a while back...probably my only book in last 2 months...I liked it a lot (despite being 800+ pages)
For all those people who like me pick up their books by following the Booker prize, orange prize etc etc winners / shortlists, this one definitely does so much better than say Finkler Question, Sense of an Ending and Bring up the Bodies from last 3 years.

It actually coincided with a series I was following on Nat Geo called "Yukon Gold" and I think that probably played a big part in me liking it.

Have picked up Amitav Ghosh now (really old ones but I am not spending another dollar on buying new ones till I finish my back log of 37 books!). I am waiting for Murakami San's "Dance Dance Dance", I ordered it online and have to collect it next time I am in India.


Monday, 24 February 2014

Rohit Sharma is the new Sehwag & ICC ranking system

It is the same mistake being repeated again.
I think bring Gautam Gambhir back for one home test series as the captain with a clear mandate that he has to do two things -
1) Mentor Virat Kohli as the next captain and that would be very soon (I think right now Virat is the best batsman we have specially overseas and it would be extremely costly to lose his batting form in case he does a "Sachin" on being made the pun intended!).
2) The moment Virat is ready, Gambhir would be evaluated on runs scored in that series and not on his captaincy skills / result of the test series (which obviously beyond doubt India will win with flat pitches, 2 spinners and most importantly a 7th / 8th ranked side).

Home Test-
S Dhawan, M Vijay, C Pujara, V Kohli, G Gambhir (capt), A Rahane, M Dhoni (only wkt), R Ashwin, B Kumar, M Shami , P Ojha

Away Test-
S Dhawan, M Vijay, C Pujara, V Kohli, G Gambhir (capt), A Rahane, M Dhoni (only wkt), R Ashwin, B Kumar, M Shami , Z Khan

Ishant should most definitely be dropped and R Jadeja I guess is unlucky due to Gambhir selection (which by the way is only temporary - it is being done because Dhoni has to go and there is no one senior enough to take over except Virat which endangers his batting form which can be way too expensive). Once Gambhir gets dinked out, R Jadeja can be considered back, specially for home tests.

Also leading Man of the Series in tests have always been bowlers, I doubt on a fair ICC test match ranking formula, India can ever be even in top 5 (SA, Aus, Eng, Pak and Sri Lanka definitely are ahead)

The point system should be revamped and should be as follows-
The points awarded for each test is made of 3 criteria consisting of 1) Result points 2) Bonus points 3) Ranking points

Result Points:
Away Win - 20
Home Win - 14
Away Draw - 10
Home Draw - 7
Away Loss - 5
Home Loss - 3

Bonus Points:
Away Win with an Innings margin - bonus 5
Home Win with an Innings margin - bonus 3 

Ranking Points: Each team is obviously ranked 1 to 9
Points awarded: 10 minus Opposition Ranking.
e.g India is ranked 2 (not for long!) and NZ is ranked 7. Just for playing each other NZ will get 8 points and India will get only 3. Rest of the points will depend on where the series is being played and obviously who wins and the margin of victory.

Total points awarded for each match therefore = RP + BP + (10- opp ranking) 

Now what this will do is alter massively the way points were awarded for India vs Eng (home loss series), India vs WI (home win series) and India vs NZ (away loss series). India vs Eng will massively boost Eng rankings because they won away and that too against a better ranked team. India vs WI will not be many points for India because they won at home and against a very low ranked team. And lastly India vs NZ will give NZ a huge bump up because though it is a home series win, they pulled it against a team which was ranked 5 higher than them. 


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Where to buy poker chips in HK

Posting because when you search, posts from 2000 days back turn hopefully this will make it easier for people.

It is at the corner of the Fa Yuen street, Mong Kok on the left hand side if you enter from Argyle street side, diagonally opposite the madrid cafe. The shop has the board "Mahajong" written on it. I think the number is around 115 Fa Yuen street but not sure.

Prices seem to be decent, apart from poker chips, you get poker/blackjack/roulette mats for house tables, mahajong bricks (obvious given the name of the shop) and almost all kinds of card games like Uno etc.