Monday, 26 August 2013

Another form of racial questioning- and this one does hurt!

Now I am an Indian and working for a US bank in a Chinese dominated country Hong Kong. What does it mean? It means I get subjected to all sorts of random questions day in and day out on every drinks session I have with my colleagues. They can range from any of the following- some are very predictable and some are actually pretty nice!
Do you have a pet elephant at home or how did you go to school? - This one is thanks to Polly, as he told someone that it is mandatory in India to keep a "paltu hathi ya sher at home"

You must be really good at sex?...hmm...why will you think that if I may ask? (not that I am not, but still how would you know?)...wellll...didn't India write the Kamasutra?? ...hmm makes sense! A1

But now I seem to be grilled by these new questions which India is seemingly identified with - what is your view on Gang Rapes? WTF seriously?...dude how the hell should I know....but when I thought seriously about it, the question came from a guy who is actually a good guy. He wasn't trying to take my case for being Indian or cracking a racial joke. He actually did mean to ask me that.


Long Time...nothing much has changed

Now that I finally have some time on my hand, I think I do want to start back writing...and if I start to think about the topics that I most strongly feel about- nothing much has changed.
Ex-gfs still remain a touchy issue for my friends
I still get to hear the odd 1 liner "I earn more so u biatch just do what I want you to do"
My friends still think that I lie and exaggerate - thank god I never published my "Javagal Srinath coming to ask me if I want to be dropped and Deepika checking me out" blog!
And as always I want to start from one of my favorite topics of all time: Federer Suxxxx!

US open is obviously about to start from tomorrow and he is seeded 7th, I think, that is to be honest, rather low for the highest grand slam winner in the history of the game but probably the tournament organizers saw this video and decided to dock him a few seeds:)

Was looking up for some of his "most arrogant quotes"...sadly none come up on Google. Should have saved those clippings from BBC Sports. That was priceless. The other day, while returning from a soccer match, a colleague of mine actually pulled a "Vijay Jacob" on me! did he even know that trick!