Wednesday, 12 January 2011

New Trend and actually a very cool one-

People are seen increasingly happy on their wedding days!!! i recently attended 1 (my highlight of the last year) and went for a bachelors' of another friend.

The guy and the bride looked extremely relaxed, were smiling and looked like they were looking fwd to the life about to come. This was in such a stark contrast to my last Indian wedding 6 years back (yup...that is right). The bride was pretending to be this over shy and sensitive girl and guy looked hassled and so not wanting to be there with his "i can't dance in barrat", "don't put money to band baaja guys" and "alcohol na na na not in baraat" (you motherf%% alcoholic abusive son of a bi%ch).

The groom was in a comfortable grey suit and as eager to get off this ghodi and dance with us guys as we were. He wanted to do his basketball step (courtesy another long lost friend of his) but alcohol didn't permit him much. He was obviously giving "puchis" to all the loved ones. Puchi = wet slobbering alcohol smelling kiss on ur cheek. he would appear from no where to land one on u! we did Pheris while he was dancing i.e. friend has to take a 100rs note and dance with him and then give money to someone. I somehow sucked at this, i either would drop the note or someone else just rip it out of my hand. I think the groom is a big stud....he has been a big convincing long for me since iim. finally he will be monetized.
Wedding was fun and seeing the guy and girl was even more fun.
Next blog shall have details about the GRAND BACHELORS' that had happened prior to all these. beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep censored!

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