Sunday, 20 March 2011

What is an adrenaline junkie-

It is someone who looks for an adrenaline rush to divert one's mind from the underlying cause of low adrenaline. Twilight 2.
Bungie? na. Live Abelone? na. Crack? may be. Casual sex? definite yes!
Which reminds me i freaked out some "kids" yesterday with my new casual comments about this topic. As i have always wondered, why do ppl get so freaked about it specially when they have been in relationships for super long, have they been fkking praying together??? Idiots.
Which then means, i am a hypocrite.
Which then means, i am discounting basic parameter of choosing partners.
Which then means, i am doomed.
Which then means i need an adrenaline rush.
hump my sharona!


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