Sunday, 14 December 2014

Sad but it doesn't make sense...

So now that the Test match series between India and Australia has started after the very sad demise of Phil Hughes, I thought the focus would be back on cricket but media has turned it into a story of courage. And that courage is displayed by whom? the Australian batsmen who were among runs in this match. I don't understand why? or how is that courage?

I mean no disrespect to Phil Hughes here but I seriously do not think that David Warren or Michael Clarke showed any extra courage or should be given any extra credit for making a century on a test match which followed Hughes death. Are they related? Are they family? What are they? Nothing, just team mates. Shit happens, move on. I am sure 1 month down the line, none of these "teammates" are going to face the loss which Hughes family has to bear every single day now. They are the real courageous people, they are showing true character by cancelling the State funeral because they thought enough propaganda has already happened around this.

If this is courageous, then I show courage everyday. Hell, fkking every other person shows courage every single day because am sure someone would have died someday or the other somewhere whom he knew, but he goes on with his life and manages to get by the day doing his regular work. If David Warren is courageous, then Sachin is another league all together when in World Cup, after his father died, he returned to crack a century against Kenya. That is being courageous and not this psuedo muppeting around nonsense.


Monday, 8 December 2014

Concept of power-

Increasingly power in banking has moved towards concepts like division, isolation, exclusivity and "breaking" up things, breeding disloyalty and invariably it has ultimately hurt the person trying to get powerful through these means. What happened to "strength in numbers", "power is in bringing people together and not in breaking up people"?

My point of view is obviously limited to very few firms and only a limited number of years in work experience but I think I would find it safe to assume that this is happening at more than 70% desks/banks/teams. Of course a lot of it is driven by the circumstances, current economy situation and the deep shit the banks find themselves in BUT post 2009, I think a lot of the measures taken on HR/personnel front have just acted as a counter and taken everything backwards.

I think till HR policies and desk manager's approach does not start leaning towards bringing people together and greater transperancy in the allocation of sub-power and it's consequences, there would always be under performance in the team (by individuals and by the whole team).

Managers need to realise that the very people they are trying to divide, are the resource / key to their success. The very goal that has been eluding them is due to their own doing, their myopic point of view is the 75 percent reason of them losing power in next 3 years if not sooner.


Saturday, 6 December 2014

Irish Exit-

I had this bad habit of disappearing after a couple of drinks every time I am out with my friends. I would excuse myself to go to the washroom and then just leave without telling people. And on top of it, I would switch off my cellphone and just go quiet for rest of the weekend (it was a usual phenomenon on Friday late nights). So much so that couple of my friends nick named me "Cinderella" and for the longest time I thought it was because I was cool as Russel Crowe's character in the movie "Cindrella Man" :)

Now I have obviously improved after constant feedback but recently some of my office colleagues pulled the stunt on me and I got to know it is called the "Irish Exit"


Wednesday, 3 December 2014

New found respect...

for Sajid Khan and Shakti Kapoor. Saw a play in HK called "Mid Summer Night Dreams" and it was so poorly produced, screen played, scripted and acted that my "Jungle Book" of 7th grade stood out like Schindler's List in front of it!

The comedy was so slapstick and non comic that Shakti Kapoor in Chaalbaaz with his "main nanna sa, munna sa bacha hoon" dialogue might come across hilarious. Equally Sajid Khan's "Humshakals" is looking like an academy award winning masterpiece.

On top of this, the play was so overpriced! And there was no popcorn or hotdog either!

And worst was - as we were exiting the theater (or joke of a theater), I overheard 2 English ladies talk to each other how wonderful the play was and how they will get their kids to come watch it. Utter bull shit!!! They will drop dead with pleasure if they watch Bollywood movies if they get impressed with crap like this play.