Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Jake Gyllenhall-

Cum on guys...so what he did a gay role in brokeback mountain. u can't label him one for the rest of his life. (yes ..yes i know he played the bitch in it and not the butch as if that would have pacified you hatens). he is now here to redeem himself with the movie Love and the other drugs. I personally liked the movie specially watching it with a cute kudi who was acting shy, clueless what is happening and irritated on why I am laughing so much everytime the doctor feels Ann Hathaway's boobs! Movie has some of the most graphic scenes without showing the proverbial "V snatch" or the guy's "mojo machine". But otherwise it has all, positions, clothes getting torn up, remorseless cool sex and most importantly my fav theme "hunter gets hunted". Bataya hai laundon ko ki ishq mein andhe mat ho...but nahin....KSML.

i think a definite checkout of the movie is a must, paise wasool!

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