Saturday, 26 February 2011


and by that I mean everyone does think alike... even pimps and whores...pretty insightful i must say...but now that i actually am not drunk for a change, when was this "insight" of mine ever in doubt!

Indian team is looking solid...i have a bet on with my team that if India makes it to the semifinal, I will take them out for unlimited drinks...somehow this keeps getting construed as I want them to lose in semis..why? how? deductive logic? bad DI? <90 br="" cat="" in="" issue="" s="" the="" what="">To clarify: it just means I am a true fan of India who will get happy if they make semis and hence take ppl out. I will get EVEN happier if they win and reach finals, whr if u ask me again, I will AGAIN take you guys out and if we win the final, I will AGAIN yet do it! what's the issue ;)


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