Tuesday, 29 March 2011

What to do and what not to do-

Time for displaying extreme mental stability and poise but it doesnt show passion. Time to show extreme passion and that you believe in urself but then it comes across rude and overconfident. Time to show you are polite but confident, in the assured calm usual self manner but it comes across "fruity". Hona kuch nahin hai itna sochne se...I have realised over the period of last 2 years, my medicine to find a solution is 100% effective - just keep ur mouth shut for 2-3 days. And shut maane to shut...u cant speak even a word. It has brought me trouble but i think advantages are far greater than the little trouble it will cause. Agar Mrs Malhotra saath mein abhi to chup rehna allowed hi nahin hota! So that part is solved. Baaki bacha kal ka match- hmmm- i think i will say some maa behen ki gaaliyan abhi and some after the match (my usual drunk state natak) to avoid breaking my silence code. Solved. MA

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