Monday, 30 May 2011

I am tired of...

watching non 3-D movies in 3-D with those absolutely ridiculously dark heavy glasses. Why??? There is not even a single 3-D effect in the movie but still...takes the fun out of the movies...

Funny sh&t of the day:

Saarrr...main na F ko F bolta hoon :) hahahahaha


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

NBA finals-

i used to get up early in undergrad to watch NBA finals 8 years back...i used to support Indiana Pacers and Seattle Sonics (Reggie Miller and Shawn Kemp respectively)

dont know why though...i dont play the sport, i dont understand why the refree stops the game very 10 seconds and most importantly how come these players never get injured? most sports with any amount of physicality sees injury but basketball sees the least!

i was watching a game on tv the other day and i think i dont any of the players anymore...i have a strong feeling, i will go back to watching this sport more often...coz as they say it, when good things start happening, you start doing same things all over again...


You just know it...

when you spot someone who behaves so much like another person you know...

so i came across someone very recently, not a conincidence but mannnn! she is so similar to this all time number 1 player i know. and her name is even more resonating of someone similar...and her bday is twice reminiscent of same person. Spooky!

Same dialogues, same style, same play and yeah ... same game! Someone is gonna get hurt real bad...haha not u, not me...but someone!