Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Yeh waise Poll hona chahiye-

So...so many of my friends who have passed out of IIM say ki they will marry women not from an IIM. And to their credit they did follow their own theory, so what if they had sex with some IIM women, or their friends or the kaam waali. They at the end did marry a non IIM girl. Reason: They think "IIM ki ladkiyan yaar, agenda based hoti hain...unko pyar nahin aata karna. Manipulative hoti hain badhi" As much as the hypothesis and reasoning has merit based on sample sets, i am kind of surprised that some really good women (no i dont mean the ugly loser category, i mean the really stud types) still buy this theory and accept the IIM guy's funda. Whose agenda is getting completed here? I have never been able to understand. My esteemed friend once said all these theories come down to just sex ratio. Since Women are lower in number, men keep feeling ki unki maari ja rahi hai and they are getting raw end of the deal. Yeh to contra-logical ho gaya. In actual shouldn't the minority be the oppressed and not the oppressor? I think, I belong to the category of open trading system model except keeping the hedgies (one in hand, one in bush) out. It is the hedgies that being so prevalent in IIM which have completely terrified the guys in IIM.


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