Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Top 5 movies of all time-

Someone at work asked me my top 5 movies of all time that I have seen. Got me thinking, here is the list and why I like them (in no particular order)-
Fight Club - Script, Concept, Screenplay
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Unbelievable editing
Inception - Screenplay, Concept
Memento - Concept, Screenplay
Old Boy (original Korean version) - Original script

Atleast this is what I could think of after careful deliberation of 1 day.
Some notable mentions-
Shawshank Redemption
Prince of Egypt
The Dark Knight
12 Angry Men
Godfather 2

I think Chris Nolan is easily the best director of this generation and arguably the best in last 70 years. I think he beats Copolla, Zemeckis, Steven Soderbergh, Clint Eastwood, David Russell etc easily and David Fincher marginally. The difference between their movies is that script is much stronger for Fincher BUT the screenplay and execution of Nolan fkking beats the crap out of any other director! He also uses Hans Zimmer brilliantly, much better use of soundtracks then anyone else.



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