Saturday, 17 January 2015

As baba SRK says in Chak De-

"Har team mein sirf ek hi gunda ho sakta hai" (any team can have just 1 bully and rest have to tow the line). I am actually in awe of this concept. This is very true in real life or atleast most of the situations that i face in my mine:
1) Work - as soon as there is crisis of authority, team doesn't know whom to follow or the people start doubting the head of the team, it is chaos. There can be just 1 gunda there and it better be him if he wants people to follow him and get stuff done
2) Poker table - every table has that 1 over aggressive, constant blinds stealer whom everyone is scared of
3) Every relationship / marriage - 1 of the 2 has the upper hand, the person who cares less will automatically become the dominant. Fundamental rule of marriage / relationships!

P.S the movie Chak De is phenomenally insightful


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