Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Arsenal - new season

So the new season is underway. Quite a slow start, i thought it would be exact opposite with couple of new players coming in. But the new players are proving to be pretty average except sanchez, he looks strong.

What is most striking is the number of injuries in just 10 matches so far in the season (out of a potential 50 plus). And yet again Wenger showed he is a genius or not. He thankfully only added to midfielders and not sold any. Ramsey, wilshere and arteta are gone for atleast 10 more games. I think 2 are blessing in disguise!

The best team for arsenal if everyone is fit is:
Scheszny- gk
Gibbs - lb
Mertesacker -cb
Kochielny -cb
Debuchy - lb
Ramsey - dm
Podolski - lf
Carzola - lm
Ozil - cm
Walcott - rf
Sanchez - cf

Now that debuchy is gone, obviously chambers replaces him.
Ramsey gets replaced by flamini
Walcott by Oxlade chamberlain

I think Chelsea is going to win the league this year comfortably with ManCity a distant 2nd. 3rd and 4th spots are open and though Arsenal might make it again in top 4, the distance from the winners keeps on increasing. They need to improve drastically on a few things-
1) Focal point striker - Giroud is replaced by Welbeck and I think both are muppets!
2) Why does Arsenal play more on right than on left? They need to make it more even
3) Set pieces - time and again I have mentioned this, they need a specialist free kick taker, corner taker. They just can't have dinkers lobbying the ball in the area with no bite /speed / accuracy on it!


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