Saturday, 10 January 2009


International Airport @ Delhi

Mayur: why are my flights always delayed. That too not by an hour or so, but by atleast 3-4 hours minimum.

Mom: :) u crib a lot. Why don't you make urself useful for a change and get a coffee for me.

Mayur: ok, for a change i will surprise you by getting it for u. blackberry and cell phone both fall out of pockets. arghhhhh there goes the battery. Control hindi abuses for now. Mom is thr. Koi na, fkkkkkkk is allowed.

Mom: make sure u take some time and don't come back for 15-20 minutes

Airport Announcement: Flight to Dubai is ready for boarding from gate 6

Mayur: phir cheeni kam hai. why don't these ppl realise a coffee is supposed to be khade chamach style (for all NRI quota passouts, it means that coffee has so much sugar that you can put a spoon in it and it can just stand in it)

Two ppl approach us. Extremely shady, one couldn't see from his one eye and almost deaf. Other one couldn't read and spoke some random language (definitely not out of hindi, bihari, bhaiya style, or anything that i have ever heard) ...deadly combo duo...

Gives me his boarding pass. Hmmm and...he just keeps looking at me. Ok got it, you want to know where are you going?

Illeterate guy (IG): Has an expression of you stupid ofcourse I know where I am going (Dubai), I just want to know which gate it is :D (so much for his over-confident expression I know where I am going)

Mayur: Gate 1 likha hai.

IG: Where is it, I can't find it. Rather what is "1"?!?!

Mayur: points towards gate 1

Semi-Blind guy (SBG): Thanks, Thanks...

Mom: wasn't the announcement for gate 6 for Dubai flight, you told them wrong. There they are, run after them and show them the right one, else they never gonna get it.

Mayur: arghhhhh i thought only saurabh singh was the fkk up king. i am getting influenced

Airport Announcement: Dubai jaane wali flight ab udaan ke liye tayar hai. etc etc ...boarding announcement

Mayur: HK ki flight ke liye bhi kardo announcement bhaiya ab! bc! mc!
Points towards gate 6.

Thanku Thanku...even the attitude guy smiling. Woah...he does have bad teeth...

Mayur: am sure these ppl going for wonder they are so keen on getting thr. Must be a huge difference from what they make here in India. Badhiya MS didn't pay a thing this much for being the whitest of the white shoe bank on wall street...Deepika Padukone kya lag rahi hai yaar Chandini Chowk to China mein...

Mom: i heard Akshay Kumar and Deepika are there in HK for their movie promotion Chandini Chowk to China

Mayur: which movie is this?!?!?!? what random sh^t these bollywood ppl make i tell u...and oh ho Deepika haan...first name basis pe naam lete ho aap uska...padosi hi to hai aapki bangalore mein :p (Deepika is in hk!!! and she didn't even meeet me?!?!) u wishhhhh

Airport Announcement: Last and final boarding announcement for flight to Dubai

IG and SBG: Approach again with their passport this time. Again looking at me.

Mayur: Hmmm What happened now?

IG: Pointing at 1 passport without a stamp and 1 with stamp

Mayur: ECNR stamp not thr, points towards the policeman sitting in the corner

IG and SBG: reluctant to go, look at me (looks at me. plz do something)

Airprot Announcement: Last and final boarding call for Dubai flight

Mayur: I think ECNR might not be even required but just check from that police guy

IG and SBG: give a polite smile, walk towards the police guy

Fat Police guy: Having a khada chamach coffee!!!!

Mayur: how the fkk did he get extra sugar...whatever...back to work from is going to be so boring...atleast Delhi was less boring. Hk is less cold, 1 gud point.
I have to get my hands on some latest gossip from round of cuts coming soon...and yeah Deepika is going to pay this time for not meeting me yet again...

Police Guy and IG/SBG arguing. Police guy tears up the bagage stamps, keeps boarding passes, asks them to get passport stamped again from emmigration

Mom: they already had emmigration stamp, why did u not tell them ki their passports are just fine. Look now they wil miss their flights

Mayur: hmmm ek aur fkkk up...i wasn't sure hence i sent them...kaand ho gaya...

Airport Announcement: Gate 6 dwar ab band kar diya gaya hai.

Mayur: sh^%es...mannn these guys really wantedto go...that was an oppurtunity for them of a lifetime...they could have earned a lot fkkk...when will this credit crisis gets over, correlation trading ka koi future nahin raha...time to change desks...i better be promoted this year else...they better promote me next year....

So much for being educated...shameful...

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