Saturday, 10 January 2009

Good Luck Chuck Syndrome

Should start with an increasingly common trend hitting HK dating scene. Good Luck Chuck Syndrome.

A girl likes you, is with you/dates u/obsesses with u. But then invariably leaves you and ends up finding her true 'love' in the very next guy she dates and ends up marrying him quickly. Tareekh pe tareekh...girl after girl...

Extremely interesting syndrome, considering 2 of my very gud friends are hit with this. One has a cult women fan following together with their chote chote multinational kids :)

Rambling on...saw Hum Dil Chuke Sanam 19th time (courtesy pids). The freaking ba$%ard gifted me with the dvd on my bday, extremely thoughful dude. I think the movie is greatest tragedy of all times arguably. It is the quintessential hope of a happy ending and finally the bridge scene that makes it so sad.

My target is to watch atleast 25 times by end of chinese new year (deliberately set myself easy an target, have some other movies to complete 10 times too).


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  1. Just wondering... Have you also been lucky to be a victim of the Good Luck Chuck syndrome...