Monday, 28 July 2014

Smoking is injurious to health-

As I was watching this Hindi movie, "Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya", I yet again could not help but notice that whenever there is a smoking scene, there is a fine print below saying "Smoking is injurious to health". Why do we need that displayed every time? Once at the beginning of the movie should suffice. But no, the censors think that movies form a big part in influencing the Indian public opinion and it is very necessary to remind people again and again that smoking is bad.

By that logic, during every wrong act on the screen, there should be a fine print saying "violence is bad", "rape is bad", "eating too many hamburgers is bad", "watching TV from a close distance is bad" etc etc. That is complete bull sh%t. Why have they chosen smoking as the single most important thing to be pointed out on the screen as a bad thing?

Which brings me to this another super chutiatic statement from censors who have said that from now on there would be no beeping out of expletives from movies, instead the whole sentence would go mute. Logic being - beeping made people pay even more attention and lip reading gave away the abusive word easily. Beeping would not do that. ??!! Also from now on all scenes where women are being beaten up, raped or any other violence towards women OR any scenes where sex is being discussed will need to be toned down if not cut away entirely. So my question(s) is - what have men done wrong that they can be beaten up openly on screen??? woh bhi to insaan hain...unki izzat bhi to izzat hai...nahin? So men can go to hell basically? and what do censors plan to do about movies like Damini (national award winner) and Lajja etc? How do they plan to cinematically depict the themes on which these movies are based upon? I do think 2 flowers kissing, showing a tree move violently etc etc would be very entertaining but nonetheless not do the required job. Or do they want to do away with any hard hitting, topical, sensible movies completely and just want to promote Karan Johar kinda movies? and keep bringing the multiple academy awards we win every year?

Come on guys, seriously stop monitoring / censoring everything. Let the filmmakers be. Hardly make any good movies, whichever do - they have to deal with this crap. How will we get any hard hitting Korean murder mystery with lots of gore, blood, sex, drugs like Old Boy here in India then?

By the way - a part of me had new found respect for Indian censors after I read this:


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