Saturday, 5 July 2014

Getting cancer has only upside-

Lately I have heard a lot of cases where someone's relatives / friends / acquaintances etc have had cancer but made full recovery. As much as it is unfortunate, I am of the opinion that it is the toughest on the family members (more so on mom dads than siblings) and the person whose had it has actually just cracked jackpot. Now this sounds insane, most people will think the guy has lost it etc etc but I have thought a lot about it, I still stick to my opinion.

The person who has it has 2 potential outcomes: he lives or he dies. If he dies, then voila! jackpot...he has done his time and now is chilling peacefully because what can be tougher than living further in this bad harsh world. If he lives - then bad luck (my sympathies) BUT he will forever be called "hero", "survivor", "tough guy", "this is the guy who beat death" etc etc and will forever be looked at with sympathy, get extra favors/chances/opportunities AND can always convert his/her mediocre life into a full fleshed propaganda through writing books on his life, giving advice how to fight cancer get the drift.

I frankly think - he ain't the hero, the real hero is the doctor who saved him, science or the medicine behind is real hero. He had to just sit there and get the treatment. Yeah yeah i know some people say "But he had to keep the will to keep surviving"...bullsh%t...even if he didn't keep the will, would his family have let him die? how does an unwillingness to live actually translate into action? does he commit suicide? coz if he does - then voila - jackpot! he is free from this life...and if he doesn't (99% people don't) then whether he is willing or unwilling, whether he was a fighter or not, whether he was tough or not...ain't matter...the doctor will save him! SO who is the real hero?

Now comes the survivor part, the tough guy part - that again is the family, the people who would have been left behind if he would have died...coz frankly they are the people who will suffer, miss him the most while he would be chilling somewhere sipping on bacardis! (assuming heaven and hell both serve liquor with no age criteria) It is the family which pushes themselves, their resources, their hope quotient, their morale to survive. SO who is the real survivor?

Look at this example - again would sound blasphemy for many people but i don't care. Yuvraj Singh.
He had cancer, recovered and is having the time of his life! He got a comeback in India test team on back of it (if he can survive cancer, he can survive English swing bowlers macha! what are you talking...most definitely can...). He got a comeback in India T20 team for the world cup (if he can survive cancer, he sure can kick Malinga's ass macha...what are you talking...he will hit 6 six's again...). He got a new life in IPL where he got signed for Bangalore as the highest paid (if he can survive cancer, he can survive IPL macha...what are you way he won't score run on domestic way...).

Having cancer ain't bad...surviving it might be tough luck BUT it is still better than having nothing!


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