Monday, 26 August 2013

Another form of racial questioning- and this one does hurt!

Now I am an Indian and working for a US bank in a Chinese dominated country Hong Kong. What does it mean? It means I get subjected to all sorts of random questions day in and day out on every drinks session I have with my colleagues. They can range from any of the following- some are very predictable and some are actually pretty nice!
Do you have a pet elephant at home or how did you go to school? - This one is thanks to Polly, as he told someone that it is mandatory in India to keep a "paltu hathi ya sher at home"

You must be really good at sex?...hmm...why will you think that if I may ask? (not that I am not, but still how would you know?)...wellll...didn't India write the Kamasutra?? ...hmm makes sense! A1

But now I seem to be grilled by these new questions which India is seemingly identified with - what is your view on Gang Rapes? WTF seriously?...dude how the hell should I know....but when I thought seriously about it, the question came from a guy who is actually a good guy. He wasn't trying to take my case for being Indian or cracking a racial joke. He actually did mean to ask me that.


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