Sunday, 15 March 2015


Increasingly there is a new buzz word - "EQ". Emotional Quotient. Obviously in the context of "IQ". Intelligence Quotient.

EQ is nothing, it is a sign of weakness, people who have high EQ are essentially those who don't have high IQ and hence need something to show that they should be considered worthy of something too and hence they made up a term called EQ.

The above was fairly obvious but there is now a second degree of mind game getting played by high IQ people (as if just being high IQ wasn't enough to satisfy their huge egos) - they keep saying they are a fan of  high EQ. They crave it and call it more important than IQ. They pretend to be jealous of high EQ people. They wish they could exchange their IQ for EQ. This is all to make low IQ people feel better about themselves, positive affirmation.

It is high time people realize - there are only 2 kinds of people in this world, high IQ and low IQ. You can't just invent a term, a new category to make yourself feel relevant.

P.S I am a fairly low IQ person but I refuse to take support of "EQ" to show that I am useful, or in any way better than anyone else.


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