Monday, 8 December 2014

Concept of power-

Increasingly power in banking has moved towards concepts like division, isolation, exclusivity and "breaking" up things, breeding disloyalty and invariably it has ultimately hurt the person trying to get powerful through these means. What happened to "strength in numbers", "power is in bringing people together and not in breaking up people"?

My point of view is obviously limited to very few firms and only a limited number of years in work experience but I think I would find it safe to assume that this is happening at more than 70% desks/banks/teams. Of course a lot of it is driven by the circumstances, current economy situation and the deep shit the banks find themselves in BUT post 2009, I think a lot of the measures taken on HR/personnel front have just acted as a counter and taken everything backwards.

I think till HR policies and desk manager's approach does not start leaning towards bringing people together and greater transperancy in the allocation of sub-power and it's consequences, there would always be under performance in the team (by individuals and by the whole team).

Managers need to realise that the very people they are trying to divide, are the resource / key to their success. The very goal that has been eluding them is due to their own doing, their myopic point of view is the 75 percent reason of them losing power in next 3 years if not sooner.


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