Monday, 24 February 2014

Rohit Sharma is the new Sehwag & ICC ranking system

It is the same mistake being repeated again.
I think bring Gautam Gambhir back for one home test series as the captain with a clear mandate that he has to do two things -
1) Mentor Virat Kohli as the next captain and that would be very soon (I think right now Virat is the best batsman we have specially overseas and it would be extremely costly to lose his batting form in case he does a "Sachin" on being made the pun intended!).
2) The moment Virat is ready, Gambhir would be evaluated on runs scored in that series and not on his captaincy skills / result of the test series (which obviously beyond doubt India will win with flat pitches, 2 spinners and most importantly a 7th / 8th ranked side).

Home Test-
S Dhawan, M Vijay, C Pujara, V Kohli, G Gambhir (capt), A Rahane, M Dhoni (only wkt), R Ashwin, B Kumar, M Shami , P Ojha

Away Test-
S Dhawan, M Vijay, C Pujara, V Kohli, G Gambhir (capt), A Rahane, M Dhoni (only wkt), R Ashwin, B Kumar, M Shami , Z Khan

Ishant should most definitely be dropped and R Jadeja I guess is unlucky due to Gambhir selection (which by the way is only temporary - it is being done because Dhoni has to go and there is no one senior enough to take over except Virat which endangers his batting form which can be way too expensive). Once Gambhir gets dinked out, R Jadeja can be considered back, specially for home tests.

Also leading Man of the Series in tests have always been bowlers, I doubt on a fair ICC test match ranking formula, India can ever be even in top 5 (SA, Aus, Eng, Pak and Sri Lanka definitely are ahead)

The point system should be revamped and should be as follows-
The points awarded for each test is made of 3 criteria consisting of 1) Result points 2) Bonus points 3) Ranking points

Result Points:
Away Win - 20
Home Win - 14
Away Draw - 10
Home Draw - 7
Away Loss - 5
Home Loss - 3

Bonus Points:
Away Win with an Innings margin - bonus 5
Home Win with an Innings margin - bonus 3 

Ranking Points: Each team is obviously ranked 1 to 9
Points awarded: 10 minus Opposition Ranking.
e.g India is ranked 2 (not for long!) and NZ is ranked 7. Just for playing each other NZ will get 8 points and India will get only 3. Rest of the points will depend on where the series is being played and obviously who wins and the margin of victory.

Total points awarded for each match therefore = RP + BP + (10- opp ranking) 

Now what this will do is alter massively the way points were awarded for India vs Eng (home loss series), India vs WI (home win series) and India vs NZ (away loss series). India vs Eng will massively boost Eng rankings because they won away and that too against a better ranked team. India vs WI will not be many points for India because they won at home and against a very low ranked team. And lastly India vs NZ will give NZ a huge bump up because though it is a home series win, they pulled it against a team which was ranked 5 higher than them. 


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