Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Read it a while back...probably my only book in last 2 months...I liked it a lot (despite being 800+ pages)
For all those people who like me pick up their books by following the Booker prize, orange prize etc etc winners / shortlists, this one definitely does so much better than say Finkler Question, Sense of an Ending and Bring up the Bodies from last 3 years.

It actually coincided with a series I was following on Nat Geo called "Yukon Gold" and I think that probably played a big part in me liking it.

Have picked up Amitav Ghosh now (really old ones but I am not spending another dollar on buying new ones till I finish my back log of 37 books!). I am waiting for Murakami San's "Dance Dance Dance", I ordered it online and have to collect it next time I am in India.


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