Sunday, 8 November 2009

12 months- Story Time Again

Last 12 months were supremely interesting from every imaginable possible direction: work front, personal life (if i consider that i do have any!) and most importantly emmotional quotient side (yeah, i know it sounds so is)

Changed desks...moved from an extremely cool sounding desk called correlation trading (makes the budding i-bankers go orgasmic) to business risk (yeah, the chakha desk according to this extremely "non-chakha" fellow) to credit trading (has the work trading in it - must be lot of money and even if not, it sounds so coool and hep, i know...tell me about it). There were 2 kinds of people in these 12 months...few who started having doubts that am i really the loser they wanted me to be...few who always stayed by my side (there were just 2)...these 2 ppl no matter what happens always support me...i wonder are they blind or what!

Anyways, i always used to advise ppl when they lost their jobs and were depressed that "were they so bad? why did it happen to them" etc etc. I always used to say it isn't just happened to them as a random selection process...deflect...don't worry abt it...

Best thing i did when it did happen to me, was DEFLECT.

I actually wrote this for a guy who i think is feeling the heat these days but i am 100% sure this guy is a st(c)ud and crack the fkk out of most bankers when he gets going.


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