Tuesday, 3 February 2009

From my past relationships i learnt

Last one and the best one till date I have read is "Get laid...btw you also got paid .I."

Ha i think most orkut personal columns are either to make ur ex feel bad or make urself feel good about the fact that you got dumped.

For that reason, I have never understood why do people add any description abt themselves in any of the coloumns? Specially in the case when they are "terminally sick of getting friend requests"...ya rite!!! Get over people thinking that you are the new Angelina Jolie/ Brad Pitt!

So the descriptions or the hobbies are for ur set of 100 gud friends who are going to do what with it? Suddenly decide they don't want to be your freinds if they don't like ur interests or ur set of movies? Or is it sparse scant display of your creative side that gets fulfilled by writing of amazing movie reviews that u wrote...(clapping)

It is a networking site...relax about it...seriously!

Btw new trend is people proxy trading between facebook and orkut:) different set of pics...different set of friends...different sets of past relationships?!?!?!?


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