Sunday, 19 July 2015

Adversity and Jupiter Transit-

Adversity turns a lot of non believers into believers. I have always maintained that when you are struggling in life, then turning towards god and believing in luck is showing weakness and probably has counter effects (it brings doubt in your mind and there is nothing more hollowing than self doubt). Instead turn towards them when you are flying high and you will witness miracles beyond your imagination!

P.S. Jupiter started it's transit in the house of Leo this July 17th and will remain there for the next 1 year. It has moved from house of Cancer where it was exalted to a house where Sun is exalted. Not a big deal (it is not the house of the enemy, it is indeed a house of a harsh planet however). Depending on how Sun and Jupiter is positioned in your horoscope together with which moon sign you belong to, will dictate how this time period will go for you. Also something to keep in mind is that Lord Saturn continues to stay in house of Scorpio which in my humble opinion kind of mitigates the effect of Jupiter on either side (good or bad).

Last and not the least - hope trumps every planet and every god in the world!



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