Thursday, 5 March 2009

Latest trends in HK

  • Men dressing in extremely tight trousers and women wearing sleeveless at work
  • Fitness mania, running daily...anything below 5km and you are considered lame
  • Men wanting to marry but women wanting to only fkk
  • Women stopping to coochiecoo every single dog they see on the street
  • Gay men leaving banking and entering fashion business and ramp walking (finally!!!)
  • 2 indians passing each other but keeping a straight face as if he was a born firang and doesn't care about seeing someone from familiar land
  • Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans all trying to pass off as Indians...soon the freaking Chinese will try too... guhahaha
  • Wine more than normal conventional alcohol
  • Exchanging rings pre engagement and settling mark to market on gold price without actual settlement after break up
  • No pushup bras for women
  • Men wearing vests/tshirts under their shirts are branded as 'wife-beaters' after the extremely popular italians
  • Women still struggling to stay in control on seeing a pole and not dancing, men still not able to that :)
  • Being injured while playing a sport and having a bandage on your hand (masturbation is also included just for the people who are thinking that)
  • Predicting that recession will be over in 2010
  • Quintessentially hoping that you get a big bonus. Irrespective of what you get, on being asked, the answer is digital: zilch or 100k
  • No more swearing on mother sister it is the animal kingdom with suyar, kutta and absolutely latesht one being saanp ki poonch
Forgetting a few, no worries will update in a new post. Enjoy maadi.

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  1. saari culture 16 bullet points mein encompass kar di.. waah waah.. cant believe i bothered to count the number of bullet points...